Shortlisted Entry.

Mahé Elipe

About the Photographer

Born in 1991, Mahé Elipe is a French photographer based in Mexico City. After several years of working in the fashion industry in Paris, Mahé radically changed course and began her career as a photo reporter in 2016 in Latin America. Her documentary work focuses on the human condition, with a particular interest in the place of women in society. A member of the Hans Lucas studio and of the Women Photograph collective, Mahé focuses her attention on social issues and tries to construct her images by drawing on the culture of those she meets. She is one of the winners of the Reuters Photojournalism Grants 2019.

My Entry

‘WOMEN’S SHELTER IN MEXICO’: Following an increase in domestic violence in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic, many women had to take refuge in shelters. Each user of the refuge is held for 3 months without the possibility of leaving the center for their protection. 'C', a victim of domestic violence, arrived at the shelter 2 months after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, no longer tolerating the abusive violence of her spouse with her two children.