Shortlisted Entry.


About the Photographer

‘AGHI’ is an Italian street, documentary and photographer currently based between Maputo in Mozambique and Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and went on to earn a degree in Filmmaking and Direction of Photography at the Metropolitan Film School in London. He began his career in photography in 2004, documenting the illegal rave scene in Europe. After a short foray into commercial photography, he discovered his passion for street photography and landscape photography. One of his major current projects, "Outros corpos nossos", is a portrait of the LGBTQ scene in Maputo and will soon be published as a book in South Africa under the same title.

My Entry

TODOS PROTEGIDOS: Juvenile prison of Boane, in Maputo, Mozambique, in May 2020. Following the state of emergency on March 31, REFORMAR, a civil society organization, proposed to SERNAP, the national service of penitentiary administration, a campaign to collect remnants of tissue donated by civil society and start the production of masks inside the penitentiaries to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The tailors of the prisons were immediately animated and began a massive production marked by the rhythm of a fight against time. The objective of the "TODOS PROTEGIDOS" campaign was to guarantee the prison population and prison officers equal rights in the prevention of COVID-19.